​Buying and Selling Homes in Calgary.
Made Easy.

​Dreaming of a new home? Need your home sold quickly and painlessly? I'm here to answer all your questions. My name is Lionel, and I'm a Real Estate Expert here in Calgary. 

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How I Can Help You

My name is Lionel. I'm a Real Estate Agent in Calgary.

  • I can assist you in selecting the best home for you, for your money.
  • I can provide you with a complete explanation of the home buying process.
  • I'll provide you detailed information on the current and emerging real estate market.
  • Handle all the paperwork correctly to clearly express your intentions and represent your interests.
  • Submit your offer in a manner that will present you in the most favorable position.
  • Review all your offers / counter offers in detail and provide negotiation representation of your interests.
  • Coordinate the closing of your purchase / sale with other Realtors, Lenders, Inspectors, Appraisers, and Lawyers.
  • Provide on-going personal communication to keep you informed on the step-by-step progress of your transaction.

Phone/Text:   (403) 606 5586

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Sell your home in Calgary

My 12 Step Plan To Selling Your Home

Take a look at my full step-by-step marketing plan to selling your home. These are the exact steps I take with every single one of my clients, and how I sell your home quickly and painlessly.

Search For Homes in Calgary

Find a home that you love, and then get in contact so we can figure out a way to get your moved in for the right price.

Sell your home in Calgary

Buying Your First House

Buying your first home? It can be a complicated process, so I created these 5 important steps you should take before you dive in.