Market Your “Inside-Home” Effectively

Market Your "Inside-Home" Effectively

The Time-Tested and Proven Showing Strategy.

After years of selling homes - I've found an amazingly effective strategy to leave a lasting impression on potential buyers when showing a home.

GOOD Features Highlighted

Through in-home DISPLAY BROCHURES providing a feature summary of your home.

IMPORANT Features Highlighted

Through in-home DISPLAY CARDS used to highlight a specific feature during showing.

Creating a Display Brochure for Showings

Together we’ll make a summary list outlining all the good features in your home.

I’ll then make enough copies so buyers can take one home after their viewing. Why? When buyers are viewing homes, they usually do so in groups, up to 11 homes at a time.

Since they are viewing so many homes, they may forget or confuse your features with the features of the other homes.

Can you see that kind of thing happening if feature brochures were not used?

Important Features on Display Cards

We will make a list highlighting specific features we want the buyer to notice during a showing.

• We’ll then place the in-home display cards throughout the home.


• MLS agents will bring their buyers to view your home.

BUT... There is One Big Problem with this:

Each agent will show your home their own way.

In fact, some agents will not show your home properly at all!

This Presents Us With A MAJOR PROBLEM!

We Simply CAN'T Allow Their Inexperience To Cause Us To Lose a Buyer!

I Am Absolutely Determined that ALL BUYERS be given every opportunity to view your home properly.

The In-Home Display Card Strategy Is Our only solution to ensuring all buyers see your home in the SAME WAY.

Can you see how this will allow your home to compete successfully against other homes within your price range?

Display Cards Give A Reason For The Buyer To ASK QUESTIONS!

This is just one step of the sales process. Keep reading my marketing plan on how to sell your home.