How MLS Works For You (And How To Reach More Potentail Buyers)

How MLS Works For You (And How to Reach More Potential Buyers)

What is MLS? and Why Should I Care?

Think of MLS (Multiple Listing Service) as a massive database, where real estate brokers all share their home listings with one another. They use this database to find home buyers far more quickly and easily than they could on their own. Listing brokers and sellers can both benefit from this system. This database is available in print and online for any potential buyers to read.

Real Estate Companies Join The MLS Board

         Why? To allow agents from other companies the opportunity to sell their listings on a Massive Listing Database!

MLS Companies Cooperate With Each Other

         This means any Realtor on the board will be able to show your home to their buyers.

Who Must We Reach FIRST When Selling Your Home?  MLS REALTORS!

Because at least one MLS realtor will have a buyer who will purchase your home.

That's why we need an MLS Marketing Strategy that cuases MLS Realtors to want to show your home to their buyers.

Understanding The MLS Is CRITICAL For Your Success!

MLS is designed not just for sellers, but buyers as well

​The MLS service is very valuable to move-up sellers, and move-up sellers are your prime Target market.

Move-Up Sellers Make up 95% of the buying market!

Group 1: First Time Buyers 

First Time Buyers in the market make up only 5% of the Buyer Market. This group buys Entry Level Homes.

If you're selling a First Time Buyer home, then MLS may not be the best source of targeting. ​Rather we need to depend more on internet ads, Facebook, and the collective ads of all real estate companies.

Group 2: Repeat Buyers

Repeat buyers make up 95% of the Buyers Market! This Group buys Non-Entry Level Homes.

This type of home is ideal for MLS Marketing. We use the MLS marketing strategy below to ​get realtors excited about your home.

The MLS Secret

Let’s Suggest Your Home Is Worth $400,000

After you sell, you will most likely ‘move up’ to a more expensive home. (You are called a ‘move up’ buyer.)

That’s The ‘Find Your Buyer’ Secret!

The average buyer moves up 20% to 30% in value.

How Do We Find Your Buyer?

All we do is take your asking price and subtract 20% to 30% from the price. Then we go onto the MLS board and find all listings within that price range.

Doing the Math

This exercise will assist us in targeting your buyer through a simple calculation.

Your Home Value Is

Estimate =$400,000

Top Of Range Is

Home Value - (Home Value x 20%) =$320,000

Bottom Of Range Is

Home Value - (Home Value x 30%) =$280,000

Your Buyer’s Home Listing Range Is...

Top: $320,000  Bottom: $280,000

How Do We Reach That Target Group?

Through Email Marketing!

I forward an EMAIL and a copy of your listing to the listing agents for these homes.

Through Telephone Contact!

I then CALL the listing agents for these homes reminding them about your home.

Through Internet Marketing!

Another EMAIL is then sent to the Realtor asking him to view your home on the net.

Finally, We Need To MONITOR The Sale Of These Homes.

Each Home Is Tracked Daily!

The MLS releases DAILY the homes that just sold within the system.

When A Target Home Is Sold!

I IMMEDIATELY call the listing agent to let him know once again about your home.

Another Email Is Sent!

Another EMAIL sent to the listing agent asking him to take his client to your home.