How I Will Sell Your Home

Let me show you exactly: How I will sell your house quickly, pain free, and for top dollar!

There are a lot of moving parts to selling your house, and each one needs special attention:

  • The right type of marketing plan and advertising, to reach the best prospects.
  • Having all the legal documents (title & instruments, condo docs, RPR, encroachments, caveats)
  • Understanding offers and structuring counter offers correctly
  • Dealing with Lawyers, other Realtors, Appraisers, Mortgage Brokers, and Land Titles
  • Negotiating Terms, Price and Conditons

Let me show you Step-By-Step How I Sell Every Single Home!

First A Little About Me...

My name is Lionel, I'm a Realtor here in Calgary with First Place Realty. I have 38 Years Experience in Marketing, Sales, and Sales Management.

On this page I'll reveal my exact process for Selling Homes in Calgary in any Market Condition.

And most importantly... How You Can get The Most Money for your Home Quickly, and with Minimal Headaches.

Put My Experience to Work For you

My Testimonials from Recent Clients

We want to express our thanks to you, for your help and support, we are very happy we chose you to be our Realtor.

Dan & Monica Eggenberger
Sold House in 5 Weeks

Thank You so much for all your help you made this so easy for me.

Jennifer M
Sold House in 4 Weeks

Thank You for selling our house so quickly, it was a big relief.

Pam & Shawn C.
Sold House in 6 Weeks

My house sold quicker than I expected, even in this cold weather. I have great faith in you.

Rom M
Sold House in 3 Weeks

Thanks so much for helping us sell both our properties, I will pass your name along to every one we know.

Rene & Chris Doucette
Sold House in 8 Weeks

This was a great experience, Thank You.

Jill & Matt H.
Sold House in 5 Days

The 12-Step Marketing Plan to Selling Your Home

These are the exact steps I use for every one of my clients!


1. Identify Your Sales Goals

Selling Goals are usually simple. You Want:

  • The MOST MONEY You Can Get!
  • As QUICKLY as you can get it!
  • And with the FEWEST PROBLEMS!

You may have other goals as well. So by simply deciding what it is you want, it sets the target that we are aiming for.

Now Let’s See How I Can Help You DO JUST THAT!

2. Make Your Home More Attractive to Buyers

Through My Experience… I know the reasons why people buy and, more importantly, do NOT buy homes!

For Example:

Most buyers are concerned about having enough space to place their furniture in the family room.

Yet many sellers have so much furniture in the family room that it tends to make it look smaller and unsatisfactory, turning away an otherwise interested buyer.

There's More To Selling A Home Than Simply Putting A Sign On The Front Lawn!

Did You Know…

The average buyer inspects 11 homes before deciding on one to purchase? This Means there are 10 other homes competing against yours.

The Winner Will Be the one who can best bring out the details of a home in such a way as to encourage the buyer to MAKE AN OFFER.

3. Market Your "Inside-Home" Effectively

The Time-Tested and Proven Showing Strategy...

After years of selling homes - I've found an amazingly effective strategy to leave a lasting impression on potential buyers when showing a home.

GOOD Features Highlighted

Through in-home DISPLAY BROCHURES providing a feature summary of your home.

IMPORANT Features Highlighted

Through in-home DISPLAY CARDS used to highlight a specific feature during showing.


Furnishings place for maximum "wow" factor.​

4. Market Your "Outside-Home" Effectively

By effectively using the internet and social media my team and I are able to focus our marketing on the 2 largest groups of home buyers.

First time home buyers and “Move-up home buyers”

We carefully monitor the demographic of the groups reviewing our listings and adjust our advertising accordingly. This ensures your house is on their “short list”

We select high quality images, slide shows and detailed descriptions to properly market to this audience.

I will host Open Houses and advertise them, so these buyers can choose to visit your house without feeling “pressured”

An Open House gives me an opportunity to connect with these important buyers, whether or not they have their own Realtor, this can be an important connection, if they like the house, I can encourage them to make an offer, this connection becomes even more important during the negotiations.

Some additional information about this technique can only be discussed in person. Call me for a confidential “no pressure” “no commitment” appointment. Call, Text, or Email me, and I'll always respond within 24 hours.

5. Reach More Buyers Through MLS

What is MLS? and Why Should I Care?

Think of MLS (Multiple Listing Service) as a massive database, where real estate brokers all share their home listings with one another. They use this database to find home buyers far more quickly and easily than they could on their own. Listing brokers and sellers can both benefit from this system. This database is available in print and online for any potential buyers to read.

Real Estate Companies Join The MLS Board

         Why? To allow agents from other companies the opportunity to sell their listings on a Massive Listing Database!

MLS Companies Cooperate With Each Other

         This means any Realtor on the board will be able to show your home to their buyers.

How We Reach MLS Agents...

6. Helping You Reach Buyers Through The Internet

Your home listing can be exposed to Literally Thousands of Targeted home buyers using specific targeting methods.

The first thing we do is create an attractive MLS Listing - Just like that, your home will be listed on every realty MLS website in Canada! But there's still more work to do... There are literally tens of thousands of homes listed - we need to make sure yours stands out.

Think of your MLS Listing as your own 24/7 "Open House" - The most important thing is first impressions.

Data of a recent successful ad campaign for a single home listing - Using Facebook we reached 939 New home buyers in Calgary - In just 7 days...

I'll include High-Quality photography of your home and a professionally written description to get potential buyers and realtors excited about your house.

My team will create a unique individual website for your house. No 2 homes are the same we focus on the distinction to show greater value.

7. Qualifying The Buyer

There Are 5 Types Of Buyers:

1. A Never Buy Buyer

2. A Bargain Basement Buyer

3. A Not In A Hurry Buyer

4. A Not Prepared But Serious Buyer

5. A Pre-Approved Serious Qualified Buyer

Using this Chart we can see there are 5 types of home buyers. But we want to spend our time and effort on #4 and #5 - The Pre-Approved Qualified Buyers is our main objective.

#5 is a buyer who needs to buy because they just sold their home. They are called move-up sellers.

We market to group 2 to 5 in hopes of being able to motivate them and appreciate the value in your home. #4 and #5 are ready to buy.

We find the move-up buyers through our unique marketing plan.

8. Negotiating with the Buyer

We can get you More Money!

Negotiating an offer is not easy.

When sellers and buyers negotiate directly, the emotional attachment to the property can often cause the seller to lose the buyer.

I provide the right information, at the right time to help the buyer become more emotionally attached to the home in order for them to appreciate the value.

Listening carefully to objections will give me clues to what needs to be done to get the buyer to an acceptable offer.

Market data is not always enough to overcome price objection

9. Assist The Buyer with Financing

Being Ready to Step In.

Sometimes even pre-approved buyers can find themselves in some mortgage trouble.

I work with knowledgeable seasoned mortgage brokers who can step in if the financing becomes a problem.

They can also provide assistance to make sure the sale closes on time.

Can you see how we may be able to save a sale when the buyer needs some extra help?

FINANCING ISSUES Represent 87% Of All Closing Related Problems!

10. KEEPING The Buyer After the Sale

It's Called Buyer's Remorse

All of us experience buyer remorse, be it a purchase of a car or a home.

But Some Experience It More!

Some buyers actually develop an acute case of buyer remorse. And when this happens, I step in to help them get past the feeling of buyer remorse. Through my years of negotiating experience I know the right buttons to push.

11. Stay Informed About the Progress of the Sale

It's Called Buyer's Remorse

Staying up to date on what is happening with your sale is extremely important. So as things progress it's my personal promise to you that I'll keep you fully informed, every step of the way.

I will stay in contact with you through phone and email, and I'm available for all your questions at any time.

Call me for a confidential “no pressure” “no commitment” appointment. Call, Text, or Email me, and I'll always respond within 24 hours.

12. Creating a Pricing Strategy

Determine The Best Asking Price

My goal is simple... To get you the highest possible price the market is willing to bear at this time.

To realize this goal - We need to understand how to analayze the market and how it is affecting the value of your home.

No one controls the Market Value, be it a realtor or seller. We need to take a deep dive into what's happening in your community, the city, and the economy as a whole.

We Work from a CMA

A Competitive Market Analysis is the standard in the industry as a tool for determining the current value of a home.

It contains three significant factors:

1. Similar Homes Recently Sold: This tells us what buyers are willing to pay for this kind of home in this area at this time.​

2. Similar Homes Now For Sale: This tells us about our competition. Buyers will compare your home to these homes.​

3. Expired Listings: This tells us what buyers are not willing to pay for this kind of home in this area at this time.​

Sales Excitement!

Having buyers excited produces fantastic results when selling your home. It creates enthusiasm which in-turn creates more showings!

To get the most money, in the least amount of time and the fewest problems we need to have MLS agents excited about your home.

And pricing your home according to current market value achieves this goal.

How Excitement Affects Price

4 Price Factor Showing Points

Each point impacts sale success and final sale price.

1. Overpriced But Showable​

Generates low buyer & MLS acceptance.​

2. Prices Right But Now Showable

Generates low buyer & MLS acceptance.​

3. Overpriced & Not Showable

Generates big problems for the sale.

4. Priced Right and Showable

Generates maximum showings, as both buyers and MLS agent are excited about your home.

To get the most out of every showing, its absolutely necessary to make your house “guest ready.” It not only gives a lasting first impression, but shows that you have cared for the home and increases it's value in the viewers mind.

Ready To Take The First Step?

Even if you're not looking to sell your home right at this moment, my door is always open to answer your questions. I respond to all of my emails, texts, and phone calls within 24 hours (but usually sooner!)

One of the BIGGEST MISTAKES new sellers make is assuming they don't need to educate themselves UNTIL they're ready to sell. It's important to start Right Now, because the process can take months and even years!

Let me help you prepare. Call, Text, or Email me.