3 Critical Steps to Showing Your Home in Calgary

Getting The Most Out Of Every Showing -

To get the most out of every showing, its absolutely necessary to make your house “guest ready.” It not only gives a lasting first impression, but shows that you have cared for the home and increases it's value in the viewers mind.

A messy home will do just the opposite. So here are a few tips to ensure you are presenting your home properly to sell fast.

Step 1:

The 5 Essential Areas


The most important room in the house – stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, and sinks should be spotless, all counters clear of clutter and clean. Wipe down cupboard doors. Organize pantry & cupboards / declutter. Clean and organize cupboard under the kitchen sink, empty garbage containers. YES people will open your cupboards and pantry.


Neat, spotless and fresh. Repair broken putty around the tub and sinks. Drippy faucets say the plumbing needs fixing, doesn’t help appearance.


Organized. untidy or overcrowded closets suggest inadequate storage space.


Beds, shelves & dressers neat and decluttered. Arrange as attractively as possible.


Neatly arranged laundry areas and closets give the feeling of more storage.

Step 2:

Strong First Impressions = $$$

  • Lighting matters. Turn on all the lights for all showings.
  • ​Open drapes in the day and close drapes at night.
  • Strong cooking or smoking odors can ruin the buyer’s experience. Make sure your home is fresh for showings.
  • Small sticky notes highlighting the special features of your home will help buyers see all the benefits.
  • Depersonalizing your home gives buyers the opportunity to imagine themselves living there.
  • Children, pets and even adults can keep buyers from feeling at ease while they view your home. The environment that potential buyers walk into should be calm and relaxed. Noise and distractions can seriously interfere with the viewing experience and you could be turning away buyers. Keep pets away or out of the house during showings. 

First impressions matter, you want people to be visualize themselves in your home and how it will benefit them. Don't ruin the moment with messy rooms, pets, and bad odors.

Step 3:

Curb Appeal

Lawns and yards – remove clutter, cut grass, edge walks, trim hedges, weed gardens

Front of the house – paint, fix or wash railings, steps, wood trim, doors and screens

Other Exterior – clean side or back door, gutters, wash windows & window frames

Plumbing – repair dripping faucets, leaking toilets

Heating – clean exterior of furnace, hot water tank. Replace furnace filter. Remove any clutter, unused items.

Lights – replace all burned out bulbs, faulty switches

Halls and stairs – remove any clutter to give wide appearance

Hardware – oil hinges, tighten door knobs, garage doors, gates, deck railings, deck steps should be in good condition painted /stained.

Consider feeling of spaciousness – rent storage to remove unused items.

In winter, walks, porches, and driveway need to be shoveled, ice salted.

Garages and basements should be uncluttered, clean, fix & wash windows and doors, so their full value can be seen.

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